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A Block Game

Coming Soon TM


  • Most things
  • Sound
  • Graphics
  • Input
  • File handling (saving and loading)
  • INI Parsing
  • Optimizing and fixing up memory problems (Y’see, I’m very good at C…)
  • Gamerule handling
  • Main game logic loop
  • Scoring system
  • Adding more defines for things like default screen size
  • Get rid of the second TODO in main.c (but I’m too lazy right Now)

==Piece Format==


M - Mode CC - Color RR - Rotation States (number of) SS - Size (of bounding square) DDD.. - Piece Matrix Data

==Bag Format==


M - Mode SS - Size (number of pieces) DDD.. - Pieces

==Playfield Format==


M - Mode WWW - Width HHH - Height